petainerJar™ lifts the lid on a world of opportunity

With lower transport costs, reduced carbon footprint and a more reliable carrier, petainerJar™ lifts the lid on a world of opportunity.


120mm neck diameterBack to Product Range


The 120mm neck diameter – available fully blown or as a wide mouth preform - is ideal for larger food products such as marshmellows and dried fruits such as prunes, figs and apricots.


This table shows the standard variations of petainerJar™ however all sizes, colours and moulds are fully customisable.


Neck diameter Neck height Weight Expected jar size
120mm 21mm 143g 2.5 Ltr
120mm 21mm 143g 3 Ltr
120mm 21mm 236g 6 Ltr



Below are 8 example colours, all colours are available on request.





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