petainerJar™ opens a world of opportunity

With lower transport costs, reduced carbon footprint and a more reliable carrier, petainerJar™ lifts the lid on a world of opportunity.


The petainerJar™ range is made from a PET blend and is available in a variety of sizes, colours and moulds in two formats – a fully blown jar for short lead times and a wide mouth preform, ready to be blown by manufacturers on their own premises as and when required.


Available in jar sizes from 2.5 to 6 litres and with a neck diameters of 120mm, the petainerJar™ is fully recyclable.


The BPA- free jars allows for the safe transportation of all food stuffs and liquids while their impenetrable seal guarantees powders are kept water tight.


The jars offer increased barrier technology which extends product shelf life. The 2 stage process reduces inbound transportation costs by up to 90 per cent. They can also help to reduce carbon footprint by 30 per cent.


In addition the Jars are blown without a seal leading to minimised splits and maximising the product reaching the end user in tack and without recall.


This table shows the standard variations of petainerJar™ however all sizes, colours and moulds are fully customisable.



  Neck diameter Neck height Weight Expected jar size
120mm 21mm 143g - 236g 2.5 Ltr - 6 Ltr
Zero Waste
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