petainerJar™ opens a world of opportunity

With lower transport costs, reduced carbon footprint and a more reliable carrier, petainerJar™ lifts the lid on a world of opportunity.





Exeptionally high


  PET Prefom Jars PET Blown Jars ISBM* Glass Jars HDPE Jars EBM**
Possible Blowing At Customer Converter Converter Converter
Warehouse Cost
Outbound Freight Costs
Environmental Effects During Transport
Truck Optimization
Packaging Weight
Gas Barrier
Drop Impact
Operational Flexibility
Production Safety
Product Breakage Risk
Energy Cost In Production  
Packaging Possible Possible Impossible Possible
Recyclability Yes Yes Yes Yes
Manual Handling Risk Due To Height Packaging Weight
Possible Sharp Edges In The Neck No No Yes Yes
Maximatzation Of Shelf Space
    * Injection Stretch Blow Moulding   ** Extrusion Blow Moulding
Zero Waste
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