petainerJar™ opens a world of opportunity

With lower transport costs, reduced carbon footprint and a more reliable carrier, petainerJar™ lifts the lid on a world of opportunity.


There are many benefits to using the petainerJar™ for a whole range of food products, which will improve your bottom line:


  • Environmentally friendly, reduces carbon footprint by at least 30% and fully recyclable
  • Reduces inbound transportation costs by up to 90%. petainerJar™ weighs less than other materials which means it can be carried on a truck without breaching weight restrictions whilst making maximum use of space – saving on freight costs and fuel consumption dramatically.
  • Transporting jars in preform format improves environmental performance since many more can be transported in fewer shipments, further cutting down on road miles.
  • Preforms offer operational benefits because they require less storage space.
  • The two-stage process saves you money in logistics and storage; less breakages and product recall than glass.
  • Proven taste and quality guaranteed over an extended shelf life
  • Improved food safety
  • Petainer offers varying levels of service that can help food companies of all types and sizes deliver their objectives.



Bespoke design




Maximise freight


2 stage process


Taste 100% guaranteed


Reduced lead times

Zero Waste
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